New Look website

Social media is an ever growing form of advertising for many companies.

We at Cantor & Nissel have embraced the use of social media to help promote our lenses and also to make our  ever growing number of followers aware of advancements, particularly in our Nissel Custom Hand Painted range, where we have uploaded images of some of our recent successes.

With this in mind and with feedback from practitioners met at past conferences, we have re-designed our literature and now our website.  Our products have their own page allowing you to view parameters, features and benefits at ease.  A fitting guide also accompanies every lens listed on the website.  Our new literature is available as a downloadable PDF from the specific lens page.
We have also included a new page, which will allow you to view and / or download our certification, Terms and Conditions as well as our Instructions for Use.

Twitter and Facebook feeds are shown on the website and will also allow you to go to our pages once clicked, enabling you to follow any future posts.

Registered practitioners are able to place their orders for Hydrolens, Hydrofit, Hydrocyl, Metro2 and our ever popular Cantor Prosthetic lenses via the website.  Although, with the exception of Cantor Prosthetics, these lenses are at the moment only available as clear lenses.  Tint options will be added over the forth coming months allowing practitioners to be able to select the diameter and base curve of the lenses from our drop down menus, without having to refer to any literature for available parameters.