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RGP lens for successful management of Keratoconus

A highly successful aberration controlled RGP lens for the management of Keratoconus.  The availability of a single use trial set helps to reduce chair time.

Fitting Sets

There is 1 fitting set available*

26 Rigid KII Lens set

  Material         Base Curve Range         Diameter                Power

 RGP Only             4.90 to 7.40                   8.70                     Stock

* A registered account with Cantor & Nissel is required.


Material:   (Optimum Comfort) Focon III 3. Standard material is optimum comfort, but others can be chosen.

Permeability (Dk):   65 x 10

Base Curve (mm):   Steepest Available 4.80   

Diameter (mm):   8.10, 8.40, 8.70 (standard), 9.00, 9.30

Edge Lift:

(0.03mm = 1 step)


Increased 1 Step

Increased 2 Step

Decreased 1 Step

Decreased 2 Step

Power Range:   -30.00 to +30.00 (0.25D steps)

Material Colour:  Blue (standard), Clear, Green, Grey


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