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A high quality soft contact lens for presbyopic applications.

This is a versatile soft contact lens with a progressive varifocal design for both distance and reading powers.


Material:   Focon II 2

Water Content: 

Classic Design - 38%

- Cantor & Nissel Design - Any 

Permeability (Dk): Based on Rx

Base Curve (mm):

- Classic Design - 8.30, 8.70 and 9.10

- Cantor & Nissel Design - Any Hydrolens BC 

Diameter (mm):

Classic Design - 14.00 & 14.50

- Cantor & Nissel Design - Any Hydrolens Diameter 

Power Range:  -25.00D to +25.00D (0.25D steps)
Higher powers may be available 

Center Thickness: Based on Rx

Fitting Sets

Please email for fitting set information.


  • Soft progressive multifocal lenses for patients with presbyopia

  • High water content material for optimum oxygen transmissibility and comfort.


  • Progressive multifocal design aids in the sight correction of presbyopia



Check out our fitting guide 

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