Coming soon: Environmentally Friendly Packaging

April 18, 2019

Whether it is at our headquarters in Brackley or our Special Eye Department in Hemel Hempstead, we are always trying to come up with ways to improve things for us, for practitioners, for patients, for production companies and even for your pets (did you know we make veterinary lenses too?). 


Whether it’s the way we work, the way we communicate or improve our products, everyone in the team are always bringing new ideas to the table on a day to day basis, and if we’re really lucky someone brings cake too!


But, we don’t only try and make things better for people and pets, we do it for the environment too.  So please say hello to our new environmentally friendly packaging…



This will replace the nylon netlon which we have been using to ensure that our products get to you in one piece, and as it is cardboard it can just be recycled with the normal everyday recycling, bonus! 


Having said that, it has been brilliant to see the new contact lens and contact lens packaging recycling schemes now in place and has opened a lot of eyes (I’m sure I should throw in some joke there!) to the little things we dispose of without even thinking of the environment.


I am all about recycling, and I must admit I hadn’t even given a second thought about throwing away contact lenses… Soft lenses don’t feel like plastic, and rigid lenses are just so tiny (well not always!).   I’m also in a position where I know how lenses are made, not everyone will know they start off hard and are hydrated to make them soft, and if you leave them out of the solution they will just go hard again.  I’m sure you contact lens wearers and practitioners have all found a rogue dehydrated lens somewhere, but we have always just popped them in the bin, or as I am now aware a lot of people do, flushed them down the toilet without a second thought for the planet. 



This did get me thinking though, we do actually offer a more environmentally friendly solution for your contact lens needs.  Our lenses are supplied in glass vials as opposed to plastic vials, these can just be popped into the normal glass recycling too, or even taken to your local bottle bank if you have had a big party and have additional waste, otherwise this could provide comedy value if you are just popping down the bottle bank with a minuscule bottle!  We get a lot of requests from practitioners to supply our lenses in blister packs, for this very reason we are not budging.


Although we do make monthly wear lenses, the majority of our lathe-cut lenses are designed to last up to 12 months (this is all determined by the eye care practitioner) but even if you are getting new lenses every 3, 6 or 9 months, a lot less material is being thrown away than if you are wearing daily or monthly disposable lenses, another plus for the planet.



I must add a little disclaimer at this point, I am not saying that you (or your patients) all need to swap over from daily disposable or monthly disposable lens options, just that more traditional products should be re-considered more these days to help the environment.  Our Quality Assurance and Control team are also working hard to make all internal documentation paperless.


So in the words of David: 'Cantor Cares' (that’s David Cantor, not Attenborough, though to be honest I think he’d be pretty impressed with that line too!).


Stay tuned to our Social Media pages to see the release date of this packaging...



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