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RGP lens for successful management of Presbyopia

A highly successful progressive multifocal RGP contact lens available with a range of add powers.

Fitting Sets

There are no fitting sets available for the Aqualine MF.


  • Progressive Multifocal Design with varying degrees of add power for presbyopic patients.

  • High Dk material for the most comfortable fit

  • Exchange function to make sure the fit and vision is perfect.


  • Progressive multifocal design for both distance and near vision.

  • Unique adaptive back surface geometry




Material:   (Optimum Comfort) Focon III 3. Standard material is optimum comfort, but others can be chosen.

Permeability (Dk):   65 x 10

Base Curve (mm):   See Product Guide 

Diameter (mm):   See Product Guide 

Power Range:   -15.00 to +15.00 (0.25D steps)   

Add Power:       +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00

Material Colour: 

Blue (standard)

- Clear

- Green

- Grey


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