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NEW: We, and our customers, have been very pleased with the service that Cantor & Nissel Ltd provided during these challenging times. Short delivery times has been very surprsing for both optometrists and their patients.

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NEW: We are hoping to be a part of the success of Cantor & Nissel Ltd now AND in the future.

To all budding CLO's and current CLO's, life does not always have to be a mindless tedium of dailies and monthlies, sometimes you can really make a difference. This 48 year old lady has a congenital defect and no vision in her left eye, she rarely looks at herself in the mirror. Today, I fitted her with a Nissel Custom Prosthetic and her husband has just emailed me to say that he cannot pull her away from the mirror!


I just picked up my custom hand painted lenses from #cantornissel and I have to say... They completely blow me away! I sent Teresa a concept design for the lens and her team have made the real lens look even more incredible! The depth is insane. Why buy cheap lenses when you can have a set tailor made to your eye profile, prescription and colour requirements? I'll certainly never be going back!


Some of you have sent me a message ask me about the contact lenses used in my last work. Well, you can buy from #cantornissel. They are so profesional with great talent. I don’t have any doubt that in my next work I’ll contact with them again!


The Cantor & Nissel team have always been a huge pleasure to work with and in the short time that we have known each other, I have developed a good working and supportive relationship with them. I really can’t recommend Cantor & Nissel enough; the team have always gone above and beyond to help me and the service/lenses that they have provided have always been of the highest quality.


Thanks so much to the lovely folks over at #cantornissel for this amazing eye swatch!! You guys rock!

Teresa and her team for cosmetic lenses provide the most excellent service. She provides a bespoke and personal service, and is always willing to accommodate complex lenses and patients. Teresa is an absolute delight to liaise with and means that C&N are my top choice when fitting a patient with cosmetic lenses.

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