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A high quality lathe cut monthly (daily wear) soft contact lens.

Cantor & Nissel now offers a high quality, lathe cut, custom fit monthly lenses at amazing prices.

30 Days are available in Contamac's Definitive silicone Hydrogel or Contaflex 67 materials and in a wide range of parameters.


Material:   Definitive Silicone or Contaflex 67

Water Content:   65% (Definitive) or 67% (Contaflex)

Permeability (Dk):   Based on Rx

Base Curve (mm):   7.80 to 9.80 (0.10 steps)

Diameter (mm):   13.75, 14.20, 14.75 etc to 17.20

Power Range:   -40.00D to +40.00D (0.25D steps)
Higher powers may be available

Cyl Range:   -0.75 to -15.00 (0.25D steps) 

Axis Range:   5° to 180° (5° steps)

Center Thickness:   Based on Rx

Available base curves and diameters are restricted by material. Please refer to our Material Parameters sheet for available sizes


  • Available in 2 high DK materials for the best oxygen permeability.

  • The high quality design of a lathe cut but suited for monthly wear.

  • Available in a 3 pack to reduce costs to you and your patients

  • Toric version available for astigmatic patients

  • Low cost fitting lens to obtain best fit possible.


  • Large parameter range

  • A graduated aspheric lenticular zone ensures minimum thickness in any power

  • Every prescription optimised for handling characteristics and oxygen transmissibility

  • Computer controlled lathes ensuring excellent reproducibility



Check out our fitting guide 

Fitting Sets

There are fitting lenses available at a low cost.

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