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Zero 6

We are delighted to inform you that from 1st November 2020, Cantor & Nissel Ltd will be taking over production of the Zero 6 range of lenses from CooperVision.

The complete series will be manufactured and despatched by us. All lenses will be made to the same specifications, material and design as currently available from CooperVision


We welcome new customers to contact us now so we can help you set up an account with ease, this will ensure we can be ready to despatch to you on our start date. Our existing customers can order from 1st November 2020.  


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more, via (enquiries@cantor-nissel.co.uk) or phone (01280 702002).

Or, fill out our contact form.

The Zero 6 Range Parameters


Zero 6 RX Sphere

Base Curves: 8.10mm, 8.40mm, 8.70mm, 9.00mm, 9.30mm 9.60mm

Power Range: +/- 30.00D

Diameters: 13.50mm, 14.00mm, 14.50mm, 15.00mm

Zero 6 Sphere

Base Curves: 8.40mm, 8.70mm, 9.00mm, 9.30mm

Power Range: +/- 20.00D

Diameter: ONLY 14.00mm

Zero 6 Toric

Base Curves: 8.10mm, 8.40mm, 8.70mm, 9.00mm, 9.30mm 9.60mm

Power Range: +/- 25.00D

Diameter: ONLY 14.00mm

Cyl: -0.50D to -8.00D (in 0.25D steps)

As with everything distributed from Cantor & Nissel Ltd, this range will be OPTICIAN ONLY (from November 1st 2020) and will NOT be available for third party online purchasing. 

For those that would order via our online ordering system, Zero 6 will be available to add to your basket from November 1st 2020.


Please also note, that NO orders will be accepted and/or processed BEFORE our start date.

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