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Please note that not all images of labelled vials do not represent all materials and their designs.

Zero 6
With tints coming soon!
Nissel Custom - Prosthetic
Hand Painted contact lenses for Prosthetic applications.
Nissel Custom - TV & Film
Hand Painted contact lenses for Film and TV.
Cantor Prosthetic
A high quality pad printed lens used for prosthetic purposes.
A high quality soft contact lens for daily wear.
A high quality, high performance contact lens for daily wear.
A high quality range of prescription soft torics, available in a choice of materials.
30 days
A monthly lens with a variety of parameters available. Spherical and Toric.
A high quality soft contact lens for daily wear.
PV Series
Cantor Cosmetic
Cantor Prosthetic based cosmetic lens designed to change the eye colour of the wearer.
Nissel Keratoconus II Soft
Annual soft lenses for Keratoconus, post-cxl and post graft corneas
Nissel Naturals
A screen printed soft contact lens for cosmetic and prosthetic use.
Prism based toric lens designed for patients with astigmatism.
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