The ChromaGen Range

See the colours, read the words

Cantor & Nissel Ltd is the only U.K. supplier of the ChromaGen range.

ChromaGen has been clinically proven to help improve the accuracy of reading, writing, comprehension and to help patients who suffer from either colour deficiency or academic skills disorders (ASD).

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Material:   Contamac GMA and Filcon II Material

Water Content:   58%

Permeability (Dk):   Based on Rx

Base Curve (mm):   6.60 to 10.40 (0.10 steps)

Diameter (mm):   11.00 to 20.00 (0.50 steps)

Tint Diameters:   5.00, 6.00 & 7.00

Power Range:   -30.00D to +30.00D (0.25D steps)
Higher powers may be available 

Center Thickness:   Based on Rx

Available base curves and diameters are restricted by material. Please refer to our Material Parameters sheet for available sizes


  • Up to 9 different coloured filters

  • Up to 25 different contact lenses, with different colours, pupil sizes and parameters



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  • ChromaGen has been known to help in Dyspraxia (clumsiness) and Migraine sufferers.

  • ChromaGen filters re-synchronise and electively charge the speed of the information in the pathways to enable sufferers to improve their reading ability.

  • Enhance safety for those that are colour deficient (e.g. easier to identify traffic and car lights)