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A look back at our first Academy Event

Just over a week ago, we shared the words of our International Sales Director, Erick, recapping on a fantastic week with our partners Optikara, in Istanbul, at the first Cantor and Nissel Ltd Academy Event.

Karen Hughes, our Professional Services Manager, was lead tutor of this Academy. Here's what she had to say about her experience:

"This time 2 weeks ago I was getting packed up ready to head to Turkey as part of the Cantor & Nissel Academy, with the aim to help educate Optometrists and Doctors from all around the Middle East, on our life changing products.

...and what a success it was. The people I had the pleasure of meeting and training were so lovely, interesting and very talented in their fields.

On day one I continued the training that Martin Conway from Contamac had started on Sclerals, offering them specific training on our Nissel Sixteen-50 and Nissel Eighteen-20 lenses. This was followed by an afternoon of Kerataconus options, where we discussed our range of Kerataconus products particularly the Nissel KII Rigid and Nissel KII Soft lenses. Questions and discussions were flowing throughout the day in a multitude of languages, and everyone worked as a great team to ensure the language barrier wasn’t an issue, the delegates were even teaching me some Arabic which provided entertainment for all! Day 2 (for me), in the beautiful and very busy city of Istanbul, started off with lots of excitement for the various options we offer for Prosthetic, Cosmetic and SFX needs.

Learning that these lenses we supply are so easy to offer in general practice had potential patients being discussed and the delegates wanting to make more of a difference to people’s lives than they already do. The day continued with our X-Chrom range of products, which offer a management system for Colour Deficiency, and Academic Skills Disorders (Dyslexia) and once again an ideal product for such passionate Opticians and Doctors wanting to help both adults and children alike.

Being able to demonstrate how easy it is to test patients and how mobile the various diagnostic systems are, was also included in the training. The day was topped off by a certificate being presented to everyone who attended and lots of photos of everyone to mark the end of a very successful week of training.

I feel so lucky to have been invited to take part in the event, I certainly learnt a lot from everyone I met too. A big thank you to Fouad from Optikara and Erick, our International Sales Director, for organising it."


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